IMO Needs To Toughen Proposals for Shippers To Act, Says Study

A new paper from the International Council on Clean Transportation has found that short-term emission reduction measures proposed by Japan are unlikely to materially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reports Business Green.

Strict Targets

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) must toughen targets to cut the shipping sector’s CO2 emissions at its next round of talks in March, according to new analysis that suggests current proposals.

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‘The Decade of Declining Emissions’ Starts With IEA Bridging Energy & Climate Change Gap

  • The International Energy Agency, IEA, is trying to bridge the gap between energy demands and climate change goals with new surveys and studies.
  • They think tackling climate change is impossible without addressing the energy sector’s demand.
  •  A grand climate change coalition is needed to address all the issues related to climate change and energy demands.
  • The IEA held COP countries meeting to formulate the agenda which will involve successive meetings in July along with publications of surveys...

Portugal, India for National Maritime Heritage Complex

India along with Portugal shake their hands and inked an MoU for the development of the National Maritime Heritage Complex (NMHC) at Lothal, Gujarat. Namely, the agreement was signed from the President of Portugal H.E.Mr Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and the Minister of National Defense of Portugal, Shri Mansukh Mandaviya.

The MoU on National Maritime Heritage Complex, Lothal will pay the way for cooperation between the two countries for showcasing common Maritime Heritage. NMHC will consolidate all...

Double digit growth continues at Essar Ports

Essar Ports, which operates four terminals on the east and west coasts of India, registered a 20.09% increase in cargo volumes in the third quarter of the current financial year, achieving a total throughput of 14.02 million tonnes. The increase was driven primarily by strong performances at terminals in Salaya and Vizag ports and has been facilitated by ongoing investment in capacity expansion at Essar Ports’ facilities.

The combined capacity of ports and terminals operated by the company is...

Fresh Attack on Maersk Vessel Stress the Need for International Intervention on Piracy

Nigerian special forces training to intercept pirates in the Gulf of Guinea
  • The growing piracy in west Africa and gulf of guinea wreaking havoc for international shipping
  • shippers risk their lives to get the local produce from the local markets but the pirates hijack vessels and demand ransom.
  • In the past 1 year attacks have increased in these areas although the global piracy incidents have decreased.
  • Pirates now attack less but Hijack more international crew to gain ransom.
  • The problem lies in the lack of criminal prosecution and water training facilities in the land...

Cargo care checklist: Nickel Ore, Grain, Coal

Cargo care checklist: Nickel Ore, Grain, Coal
The North P&I Club launched three different checklists concerning the “care” of nickel ore, grain and coal, providing details to interested parties on how to deal with this kind of cargo.

#1 Cargo Care Checklist: Nickel Ore

Prior to loading documentation received from shipper is needed.

Also, the Club advises that visual inspection should be conducted before it is loaded, in cases that it is allowed and safe.

You should look for:

  • excessive moisture prior to loading
  • Perform a can test before and...

Cruise lines’ cancellations due to coronavirus

According to the Strait Times, following the coronavirus outbreak and with several ports in Asia ceasing their operations, major cruise lines decided to reroute or even cancel their sailings over ports in the region.

In fact, Celebrity Cruises will move its Celebrity Millennium cruise vessel to the United States three months earlier than it was scheduled.

Up until today we had not intended to cancel the remaining season in Asia. However, due to continuous and unpredictable changes in travel...

Shippings Decarbonization Plan Hinges on Ship Cargo!

Banker Michael Parker
  • Decarbonization needs massive support from the cargo side
  • Along with banks charters will play a key role in managing emission data
  • IMO needs to change the ship emission data revealing rule in the next 2 years
  • As ship emission data demands rise companies like Shell and Cargill will refuse to charter ships unless there’s data in the public domain.
  • Poseidon Principles is changing ship financing forever as the focus shifts to Asian banks rather than relying on European banks.
  • Global finance is in...

How freight forwarders can be legally protected amid coronavirus

Following the rapid developments around the coronavirus, TT Club in collaboration with international lawyers, HFW, outlines how freight forwarders, logistics service providers and other intermediaries can protect themselves legally and minimise their liabilities, while providing a quality service to their customers.

Specifically, the Coronavirus has led to several port disruptions throughout the shipping industry.

The Club alerts that there are restrictions due to labour shortages at ports and...