Carlyle-supported company wants guarantee on new US crude export project

Carlyle Group will appeal to the Trump administration to guarantee a two-year approval of its South Texas crude export project. Carlyle-backed Lone Star Ports LLC aspires to open the first new US crude export facility that can accommodate supertankers.

The export facility would require dredging a South Texas ship channel deep enough to facilitate fully loaded supertankers to maneuver at its planned terminal.

The company will now file paperwork with the administration’s Federal Permitting...

Japan and India to develop port of Colombo

The governments of Japan, India and Sri Lanka signed a deal to develop a terminal at the Port of Colombo, aiming to meet the development of the Indian Ocean to the world trade, as Nikkei Asian reports. The three countries will develop the East Container terminal, located at the south part of the port of Colombo, which was recently expanded.

The deal follows China’s use of the Belt and Road Initiative, as the country has been investing in the Port of Colombo, aiming to cements its position as...

Hamburg Süd christens polar class ship in Antwerp

Hamburg Süd announced that it christened the ‘Polar Ecuador’ container ship in Antwerp. The ship belongs to a group of four structurally identical vessels in the ‘Polar’ class that have been built for Hamburg Süd by the Chinese shipyard Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipbuilding.

‘Polar Ecuador’ features a total length of 230 meters and a width of 37.30 meters, while it also offers a container storage capacity of 3,800 TEU and is equipped with 1,000 reefer plugs.




Iran walks towards smart ports

Iran announced its goal on achieving digitalization growth at its ports, following other countries that make steps towards more intelligent ports. The Deputy Minister of PMO commented that ‘Iran would also like to be on the same path‘.

Specifically, Hadi Haghshenas highlighted that

Internet of things is an important issue that can revolutionize the country’s maritime industry.

He continued that the ports around the world have taken steps to maximize the use of the Internet in order to make ports...

Iran, Iraq to begin dredging operations on Arvand border

The Iranian Ports and Maritime Organisation announced Iran’s and Iraq’s collaboration concerning the dredging operations on Arvand border river in Iranian southwestern city of Khorramshahr in Khouzestan.

The two countries met on Sunday, May 19, and decided to issue a temporary committee responsible for the technical matters of the operations, aiming to provide the preconditions for joint dredging of Arvand River.

In addition, the Task Force is scheduled to meet every two weeks, to conduct their...

MSC and Abu Dhabi ports to develop container handling at Khalifa port

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company and Abu Dhabi ports signed an agreement on developing the container handling at Khalifa port. The signing ceremony took place on Tuesday, May 7, representing the developing potentials of Abu Dhabi’s cargo shipping hub.

Also, the signing agreement between the two partners reflects MSC’s support in favour of UAE’s maritime sector and economy growth.

MSC has been operating in the UAE for two decades; Thus, the company stated that its part in the area’s development...