Trump Expects Navy Hospital Ship USNS Comfort To Arrive In Hard Hit New York City On Saturday (VIDEO)

The previously scheduled date was within three weeks.

PresidentDonald Trumpannounced Thursday that the hospital ship USNS Comfort will arrive inNew Yorkon Saturday to offer health care to thecoronavirus, which has hit the metropolitan area of ​​the city with force. The previously scheduled date was within three weeks.

“The USNS Comfort, which is actually amazing when you see it inside, will be on its way to New York City on Saturday,” Trump said during the team’s press conference at the helm...

UK commits to seafarer welfare during COVID-19

The UK Department of Transport have sent a letter to the ILO, IMO, and WHO, in regards to the UK’s commitment to seafarer welfare during the current COVID-19 pandemic and how they plan to facilitate seafarer transit and transfer to keep world trade moving.

Opening the letter, Kelly Tolhurst, Minister for Aviation, Maritime and Security, reassures that the UK is fully committed to the welfare of seafarers of all nationalities.

I want to assure all of you that the UK will continue to recognise our...

UK Amends Cyber Security Code of Practise for Ports

  • UK issues updated code of practice for ports’ cybersecurity.
  • Amended codes concern those with responsibility for protecting the technical systems of port facilities and vessels docked in ports. 
  • Cyber security assessment includes the identification of assets and infrastructures.
  • The report recommends following a holistic approach, when developing a cyber security plan.
  • The policies that set out the security-related business rules derived from the relevant PSP or PFSP should be included in the...

Italian ports resume operations, despite COVID-19

Italian ports resume operations, despite COVID-19
The Italian Ports Authority sent a letter to BIMCO stating that they are fully operational and ensure that the cargo and crew members are safe.

Specifically, according to the letter,

In complete compliance with the measures adopted by the Italian Government, having the primary objective of protecting public health due to the current medical emergency, the Italian Port Association wishes to clarify that operations in ports are carried out with adequate measures.

It is highlighted that ports and...

US ports ask for $6 billion grants to manage COVID-19 crisis

US ports ask for $6 billion grants to manage COVID-19 crisis
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, US ports are now asking for $6.5 billion in grants and direct assistance, to manage the challenging situation.

Specifically, Reuters reports that in a letter sent exclusively to the agency, the American Association of Port Authorities said early estimates suggest a 20% annualized reduction in cargo activity at U.S. ports, leading to a loss of $1 billion in revenue.

Consequently, the Authorities are asking for $1 billion in port grants, $1 billion in direct...

Wärtsilä delivers its Vessel Traffic Solution to fogbound Peruvian port

Wärtsilä’s Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) will be delivered in the Port of Callao, in Peru, on January 2021 to ensure that port operations will be conducted in a safe manner, given that the port is frequently dealing with fog and haze.

Specifically, Wärtsilä will provide its technology to ensure uninterrupted port operations, while increasing safety levels and facilitating arrival, docking and departures for visiting ships.

The system consists of solid-state IALA Advanced radar, long-range thermal...

Operations continue normally at Fuzhou port, says PSA

Operations continue normally at Fuzhou port, says PSA
PSA International stated that operations at the Fuzhou Container Terminals in the eastern Chinese city continue normally despite the COVID-19 crisis, adding that they do not plan to quarantine any docking vessels calling the port.

Specifically, according to Straits Times, a spokesman for PSA Fuzhou said on Thursday that cargo vessels will be allowed to berth in Fuzhou port as per normal.

The spokesman commented that the port has already taken the necessary precautions to protect the crew and...

All Indian major ports run on solar and wind energy

Indian Major ports have turned to use renewable energy in order to cut costs and reduce the emissions. Namely, India is the first nation to have all government-owned ports running on solar and wind energy.

The country’s Shipping Ministry informed that under the “green port’ initiative”, the 12 major ports are to install grid-connected, roof-top solar and wind power projects, in an effort to facilitate their daily operations, such as shore-power supply to visiting vessels, in an eco-friendly ...

Nigeria bans entry amid COVID-19 pandemic

In light of theCOVID-19 oubreak, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control decided to prohibit all the arrivals from the 13 most affected countries by the disease. According to Reuters, all the countries that have more than 1.000 confirmed cases, are banned to enter the country.

Specifically, the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control  said: “We urge the public to restrict all non-essential travel to these countries” while added that the government is temporarily suspending the issuance of all...

Port of Cork continues its freight operations amid COVID-19

Despite the several disruptions that COVID-19 has brought upon the shipping industry, Ireland’s second largest port, Port of Cork continues its trade operations. In fact, port authorities confirmed that freight operations and arrivals still remain unaffected.

In light of the situation, Port of Cork has set hygiene standards and taken safety measures to ensure employees and visitors’ safety.

The Port of Cork’s logistics capabilities have been thoroughly stress-tested, and we are well positioned...