Port of Liverpool achieves monthly record in container volumes

Peel Ports’ port of Liverpool achieved a record in its container operations, as its quayside and landside throughput in October exceeded all previous numbers with a year on year growth of 12%, by connecting the cargoes with 16 shipping lines.

Peel Ports reduced the length of time that trucks spend at the port, as now, the average truck turnaround time is below 40 minutes.

David Huck, Peel Ports Managing Director commented that for the UK container market, Liverpool port offers the shortest...


India invests $1.85 billion on major ports’ upgrade

The government of India announced its $1.85 billion investment for the expansion of Major Ports’ Infastructure Development & Capacity Augmentation. The Minister of State for Shipping (I/C) and Chemical & Fertilizers, Shri Mansukh Mandaviya recently informed that the upgrade is under construction.

The project will focus on the construction of new berths and terminals, the mechanization of the already existed ones, the capital dredging of deepening drafts for attracting large vessels and lastly...


Scrubber discharges bans in ports: What you should know

The path towards 2020 sulphur cap remains challenging, especially for those operators that have invested in open loop scrubbers, after many ports have announced that they are restricting or completely banning ships from using fuel cleaning systems that pump waste water into the sea.

In essence, open loop scrubbers use seawater to remove pollutants from exhaust gases released by ships, which are then end up into the sea as liquid emissions, raising concerns about the concurrent effect of this...


Underwater storage areas for Elbe’s deepening

The Port of Hamburg recently announced that in the course of the Elbe’s river dredging, construction stones were successfully build into the “Medemrinne” and “Neufelder Sand”. Specifically from March until October 2019, 1.200.000 tons were build in the above mentioned underwater deposit areas (UDAs).

The Machulez KG team which is also Cuxhave’s Port member, was responsible of the logistic requirements among the underwater construction companies, the quarry and the locally responsible...


Vopak to operate new facility in Texas

The Gulf Coast Growth Ventures (GCGV), the petrochemical joint-venture between American oil major ExxonMobil and SABIC, has selected the Dutch-based tank storage company Royal Vopak to design, build, own and operate a new industrial terminal in Corpus Christi, on the US Gulf Coast.

The terminal will be dedicated to serving the planned 1.8 million tonnes per year ethane cracker. All liquid products moved by marine vessels will be handled by the new Vopak terminal.

The total capacity will be...


ICTSI implements new port cyber security technology

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) announced that it will use a new technology for its business units in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas to protect thousands of end-points across its network.

ICTSI will collaborate with BlackBerry Limited to use its BlackBerry Cylance technology, in order to take a preventative approach against existing and future cyber threats. This technology will be used across a diverse range of end-points, from desktops to servers, using AI and...


Iraq’s Khor al-Zubair commodities port reopens

Following the ongoing protests taking place at port of Umm Qasr, Iraq, now Khor al-Zubair commodities port near Basra, the second main port in the gulf port, reopened and is now able to continue its normal operations, as Reuters reports.

Specifically, on Tuesday the protesters were blocking the entrance to the Gulf port and didn’t let trucks enter the port, as part of their protests against the government.

The officials discussed with protesters and managed to convince them to free the entrance,...


LNG bunkering operations to begin in Algoa Bay, S. Africa

DNG Energy, a South African LNG infrastructure provider, will start LNG bunkering in South Africa’s largest bunkering port, Algoa Bay. The initiative aims to improve access to LNG bunkers for commercial vessels on a trading route, that sees 56,000 vessels transit the region every year. Bunkering operations are expected to begin in the second quarter of 2020.

The bunkering licence within Algoa Bay comes after the commissioning of South African Shipyards to build an 8,000 tonne LNG bunker barge...


Port Everglades, Port of Barranquilla sign MoU improving trade relations

An MoU was signed between thePort Everglades and the Port of Barranquilla, in order to join their sister seaports agreement and improve their trade relations, establishing an alliance of cooperation to expand trade.

The two ports inked the MoU during the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), Latin American Congress of Ports which was held in Miami. With Colombia’s largest port in the Caribbean Sea, Barranquilla Port agreed to enter the MoU.

Accordingly, the MoU will improve business...


Masterplanning is crucial for ports’ development

Masterplanning is crucial for ports’ development
TheBritish ports Association along with ABPmer issued a white paper highlighting the importance of masterplanning to the development of coastal regions, as well as improve ports’ communication through their strategies and visions with stakeholders.

The paper aims to help local, regional and national planners become aware of the potential of masterplans.

Both partners believe that a masterplan is a useful way that ports can follow to shape and communicate their strategic plans by engaging with...