How the Port of Antwerp plans to become a Multi-Fuel Port

How the Port of Antwerp plans to become a Multi-Fuel Port
Antwerp is the fifth-largest bunkering port in the world. For this reason it aims to become a Multi-Fuel Port by 2025, meaning a port where in addition to conventional fuels, alternative, more sustainable fuels can also be made available.

In order to achieve the target of becoming a Multi-Fuel Port by 2025, the Port of Antwerp will give emphasis on three key sectors:

  1. Including methanol, hydrogen gas and electrical energy in the bunkering market;
  2. Further expanding LNG bunkering (at the moment...

Port of Corpus Christi prepares to accommodate larger tankers

The Port of Corpus Christi in Texas should be capable of loading Aframaxes, Suezmaxes and partially loaded VLCCs to export US crude by October 2020, an executive with the Carlyle Group, the company that is involved in the port’s expansion, informed.

Namely, Ferris Hussein, managing director at The Carlyle Group, noted that the Port is expected to be ready by October, 2020, at 54 feet. This will enable it to accommodate Aframaxes, Suezmaxes and partially loaded VLCCs to export crude.


Port of Vancouver could replace current traffic separation scheme with English Bay Routing System

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has issued a notice of amendment, on March 18, 2019, to inform members of the public, industry and other stakeholders of proposed updates to its Port Information Guide.

Vancouver Port’s Information Guide describes practices and procedures applicable to all vessels operating within defined vessel operating areas in the port authority’s jurisdiction to support the safe and efficient movement of trade.



However, from...