Astonishing World Wonders Found Underwater (IMAGES)

Although about 80% of our planet is covered with water, people investigated only 5% of undersea world. Vast deeps such as oceans and seas and even lakes and rivers have always attracted and equally scared our ancestors. Their bottoms covered with various and often mysterious stuff generated curiosity and fright, created panic and wakened hopes, sparked rumours and fired people with enthusiasm to strike on truth.

Ever since humanity had started exploring mysterious underwater world, discoveries...

He Grabs A Dangerous Jellyfish From His Canoe On A Lake With His Bare Hands (VIDEO)

It is viral on Facebook and Youtube, and highlights the risky maneuver that the expert perpetuated by dipping his hands in the water to catch jellyfish.

You do not want to miss it. Through the popular Facebookplatform, a new viral video was released that has surprised millions of users on social networks. The images show the precise moment in which a fisherman crosses a lake and finds strange marine species very dangerous for the human being, risking to catch them.

Thousands of citizens were...

Nabors Industries cuts capex and suspends dividend

For Wall Street, expectations of better times are what drive stock prices. Photo Courtesy of Nabors Industries

Nabors Industries Ltd. announced today that it is reducing its capital expenditures budget by $75 million and suspending its dividend in light of the current deteriorating market conditions — a combination of the novel coronavirus outbreak and the ongoing dispute between two of the largest oil exporters.

In response to current market and industry conditions, Nabors has implemented measures aimed at mitigating the impact on its financial results, including:

  • An additional $75 million reduction in...

She Puts Her Baby In A Swimming Pool Alone And He Does Something Surprising [VIDEO]

Via TikTok, the creature’s impressive feat went viral, when his mother left him alone in the water.

A recent video broadcast onTikTokhas surprised more than one on the networks, showing the precise moment in which a woman leaves her baby son alone in a pool, without floats to help him, and he performs an amazing action. The images became a trend in various social networks, reaching users in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Jessica Rogers is an American woman who usually uploads videos toTi...

He Takes A Nap On Their Tugboat They Wake Him Up But He Is Too Drowsy To Leave (VIDEO)

The video of the bird caused a stir on YouTube and other social platforms.

A pelican starred in a unique scene that took place in San Diego, California (United States). This was recorded in a timely manner, and the video was later broadcast onYouTubeby the well-known ViralHog channel.

The drowsy bird, as we mentioned in the headline, appears to be taking a nap. What is peculiar about it is the place where he decided to take his well needed sleep.

The clip shows the animal, characteristic of the...