The Dog that Was Rescued by its Master from Frozen Waters Reappears [VIDEO]

Thousands of YouTube users remembered the poignant viral video of the rescue of a dog , who is currently astonished by its appearance.

The famous viral video that was shared via YouTube of the incredible rescue that made a brave man to save the life of his pet, who fell to a frozen lake in the state of Michigan in the United States returns to make news on social networks after publishing a photograph current of the mascot.

On January 27 on YouTube , Facebook and other Internet sites a video w...

And Now … The Fourth Fleet of the United States Remembers in a #TBT the Multinational Maritime Exercises

The Fourth Fleet, is one of the fleets that the Navy of the United States keeps active. It is responsible for all operations in the Caribbean, Central America and South America and is under the command of the Southern Command of the United States.

With a #TBT through its user in the social network Twitter@NAVSOUS4THFLThave recalled the multinational exercises UNITAS Atlantic 2015 in the company of the naval forces of Brazil, Chile, Peru and Mexico.

They recalled the multinational...


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Two reports, filed in connection with two US Navy SEAL war crimes cases, revealed some shocking details, according to a Navy Times report.

According to the point of sale: “The people who carry out promotional work are legal documents that describe what potential witnesses will say at the stand in a court of war trial in exchange for immunity from prosecution for crimes they may also have committed” .


The Appearance on a Beach in Vigo of a Strange Creature of the Marine Abyss Surprises Scientists

The sedentary Phronima is a very curious crustacean that uses another organism to house and care for its eggs.

The appearance in theRíadeVigo, specifically in the beach of Samil, of asedentaryfemalePhronima madeher happy the day, and maybe the month, to the vigués Álvaro Roura. The researcher enjoys as a child with a surprised face the arrival of this rare marine crustacean to an environment where it is very difficult to be seen.

The “bug”, as he calls it, was found by chance by Mía,...

USCG approves first Cameron LNG export

USCG wrapped up a safety inspection at the Cameron Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, enabling it to move on to loading its first LNG cargo for global export.  Cameron LNG also submitted its Marine Operations Manual and Emergency Manual to the Coast Guard for examination.

Specifically, USCG also got a detailed look on the terminal’s design, construction, equipment, operations, maintenance, personnel training and firefighting systems.

As the project got approval from the U.S. Department of...

He is Fishing and His Catch is a Monstrous Goldfish!

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A fisherman from the state of Kentucky managed to get a very special catch out of the water: a 20-pound goldfish!

A part-time worker in a specialty shop, Hunter Anderson is a regular at fishing exaggerated or invented stories. However, after his last adventure, it was he who had to convince others of the truth of his story.

“You can not lie about this type of fish. It was crazy, “he said about the beast that ended in his rowboat: a huge goldfish.