While Diving He Finds A Sunken Boat And A Chest Full Of Gold Coins (VIDEO)

It is viral on YouTube. A young diver gets excited after finding treasure at the bottom of a river, without imagining that everything would be armed. 

They made it ridiculous. Through the popularYouTubeplatform a new viral video was released that has surprised millions of users on social networks. In the images you can see the moment in which a diver plunges into a river of murky waters, without expecting that he would encounter an invaluable treasure; However, things do not go as intended.



The Russian Navy And A Japanese Destroyer Perform Joint Maneuvers In Naval Exercises

The Russian Navy And A Japanese Destroyer Perform Joint Maneuvers In Naval Exercises

Russian Navy ships and a destroyer of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force practiced joint maneuvers during piracy drills in the Arabian Sea, the press office of the Baltic Fleet of Russia reported Tuesday.

“A group of Baltic Fleet combat ships comprising the Yaroslav Mudry guard, the Yelnya tanker and the Viktor Konetsky marine tugboat, and also the Harusame destroyer of the Maritime Self-Defense Force of Japan practiced joint maneuvering elements, using, in particular, “Intermittent signal...


They Found Them Eating Dead Alligators On The Ocean Floor [VIDEO]

Creepy. Thousands of Youtube users were shocked to see the small invertebrates devouring the body of three dead reptiles.

You will not believe it. A viral Youtubevideo caused panic in thousands of users of the aforementioned social network, due to the discovery made by a group of scientists from the United States. Researchers at the Marine Consortium of the University of Louisiana threw three dead crocodiles into the Gulf of Mexico. Immediately, voracious creatures appeared.

The experts recorded...


Australian Navy Provides Shelter Aboard A Ship To More Than 100 Dogs Surviving The Fires (VIDEO)

This moving story went viral on Youtube and touched the most sensitive fiber of millions of Internet users. The HMAS Choules ship provides shelter for pets that managed to save themselves from forest fires.

There are hundreds of stories that have been told on social networks after the fires that plagueAustralia, however very few have becomeviral on Youtubeand, above all, captivate millions of Internet users. It is the case of hundreds of pets that, together with their families, lost...


New Jersey expands definition for qualified offshore wind project

New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a bill, expanding the definition of a ‘qualified offshore wind project’. This definition now includes an ‘open access offshore wind transmission facility’.

The definition also includes all related interconnection facilities and equipment in the Atlantic Ocean. These facilities are also connected to the electric transmission system in New Jersey, that are connected with a wind turbine electricity generation facility in the Atlantic Ocean.



IEA: How the oil and gas industry can achieve clean energy transitions

The International Energy Agency published a report explaining the part of the oil and gas industry into the fast-changing world, highlighting that the sector has to make clear what clean energy transitions mean for it – and what it can do to accelerate clean energy transitions.

Namely, the industry has to unite to boost its role through its engineering capabilities, financial resources and project-management expertise.

IEA highlights that the oil and gas sector is diverse, meaning that there is...