New England offshore wind energy lease auction fetches $405 million

Offshore wind companies paid $405 million for leases (shown in orange) adjoining existing wind energy leases off New England. Image courtesy Business Network for Offshore Wind.

The biggest offshore wind energy lease auction to date brought in $405 million for three tracts off New England, in what federal officials call a signal of momentum for the budding U.S. industry.

“Wow. It’s the highest-grossing (wind power)  lease ever. We are truly blown away by this result,” said Walter Cruickshank, acting director of the federal Bureau of Offshore Energy, in a telephone press conference shortly after 32 rounds of bidding closed around 11:20 a.m. Friday.

Starting at 9 a.m. on...

For the First Time in the Industry: ADNOC Pumped Liquefied Associated Gas and Propylene to One Ship

The ADNOC company (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) completed the first in the history of the shipping industry to pump liquefied associated gas and propylene onto the same vessel. This writes the publication

Having loaded 12,600 metric tons of propylene and 33,000 metric tons of liquefied associated gas per vessel, the company significantly reduced freight rates.

Until this day, liquefied associated gas produced by ADNOC Gas Processing and propylene produced by ADNOC...

Is Beijing Preparing for Antisubmarine Warfare in the South China Sea?

Beijing would be preparing a new air unit that could be crucial in the antisubmarine war in the South China Sea, according to an article by National Interest (NI).

According to Lyle Goldstein,author of the text, the media has paid much attention to the “brilliant new military toys of China,” such as the anti-ship ballistic missile DF-26, the J-20 fighter program, and the new carrier of the country. There have even been rumors that the Asian country would launch a stealth bomber. The author of...

Why Did Russia Go For A Ram in the Kerch Strait: American TV Host Alex Jones Dismantled the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

A well-known political columnist and broadcaster Alex Jones commented on the incident in the Kerch Strait., Reports the publication The American decided to say what he thought about what happened between Ukraine and Russia in this water area. It should be noted that although Jones’s usual opinion does not coincide with the official point of view of Washington, ordinary citizens of the United States prefer to listen to him.

Alex said that in this conflict one should not believe the...

Is the Megalodon Still Alive, the Most Gigantic Shark of all Time?

About 23 million years ago, one of the most voracious predators that has ever travelled the oceans of the Earth appeared: themegalodon. Thisnightmarish shark, the largest of all time, was almost 20 meters long, three times the size of white sharks, and weighed 50 tons. No wonder he continues to fascinate both scientists and the film industry, which even made him last summer the protagonist of a box office success of those to consume with popcorn.

Although most researchers believe thatthe...

They Find ‘Zombie’ Creatures at the Bottom of the Sea

Researchers found abundant previously unknown life forms.

Recently during a cooperation project known as Deep Carbon Observatory, an international team of scientists has identified an immense ‘deep life’ under the seabed.

It includes microbes that could remain there for thousands or millions of years, reports AFP, citing the findings of a vast investigation that lasted nine years and is nearing its end.

In their study, the researchers drilled the seabed to depths of 2.5 kilometers and found...