Gasum Opens its First LNG-Biogas Station in Sweden

Turun kaasutankkausasema

Finish energy company Gasum opened its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) and biogas filling station in Sweden, highlighting plans to expand the network in the country, based on an article published by LNG World News.

Alternative fuel picks up pace

Alternatives to diesel are increasing in popularity on the fuel market as carbon dioxide emissions need to be reduced in Sweden and Europe.

Several fuel companies are now investing in liquefied natural gas and biogas, thus...

IMO Discussed EU Ports’ Harmonized Scrubbers Action Proposal

Earlier this month, the European Sea Ports Organisation (EPSO) had called for urgent scientific research into the impact of liquid discharges from scrubbers, says an article published in Splash 247.

About the Proposal

The announcement was made a week before the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), met in London to discuss an EU proposal on exhaust gas cleaning systems.

The proposal, which has been submitted by the EU 28 member states and the...

UECC LNG Hybrid Solutions Targets Beyond 2030

  • UECC has prepared for beyond 2030 energy efficient environment solution by using a combination of gas and batteries.
  • They have already ordered 2 pure cars and PCTC which operates of LNG and Batteries.
  • They ascertain that these LNG vessels which are due for 2021 release will reduce CO2 emissions by 25%.
  • UECC is not going for customer specific solutions like others, rather they are offering solutions meant only for people serious about reducing the carbon footprint.
  • They are confident to achieve...

More Ships Slow Down Off California to Avoid Killing Whales

  • Experts say four of the 10 gray whales found dead near San Francisco in 2019 were killed by ships.
  • Due to the absence of speed limits at sea vessels can zip along as fast as they want, usually 20 knots, or about 23 mph (37 kph).
  • Twenty-two shipping firms, which represent 45% of the 8,000 inbound vessel trip through the Golden Gate every year were honored.
  • Tired and malnourished whales are more susceptible to ship strikes, attacks by orcas or entanglement in fishing gear.

Based on an article...

IMO 2020 Shaking Up How Shipping and the Oil Sector Works?

  • IMO is meeting for its only MEPC session this year ahead of 2020 sulphur regulations which will be affecting shippers and refiners.
  • The oncoming regulations will reduce air pollution and prevent 570,000 deaths within 5 years of implementation.
  • While ports like Singapore, Fujairah and Rotterdam are all equipped with compliant fuels, the same can’t be said about smaller ports.
  • BP and Royal Dutch Shell have already reported low oil production which has further strengthened the case of fuel...