‘Elgin Marbles’ Lord Elgin’s Ship Laden With Ancient Treasures Discovered!

Divers lifting wooden pulley lifts from the wreck site.

According to a Fox News report, marine archaeologists have recovered ancient treasures from the wreck of the Mentor, a ship used by the controversial Lord Elgin to transport a hoard of artifacts taken from Greece.

The ship, which was carrying a cargo of 17 boxes of antiquities, sank in September 1802 after striking rocks off the island of Kythira. Much of the ship’s cargo, including the controversial “Elgin Marbles,” was recovered in a salvage mission after its sinking. However, many ancient...


ABS ‘LNG Cargo Ready’ Scheme Seeks To Take the LNG Advantage Lead

In a major development, ABS issued guidance specifying their requirements for obtaining the class notation “LNG Cargo Ready”, to be applied to liquefied gas carriers as Ethane or Ethylene carriers, that have been designed and constructed for possible future carriage of LNG cargo, reports Safety4Sea.

Taking LNG Advantage

The Guide was presented during the GasTech event in September and defines the “LNG Cargo Ready” scheme and also informs owners, designers and operators in taking advantage of the...


Indian Cabinet Assents To Hong Kong Convention

Cabinet Committe on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved a proposal for the accession to the Hong Kong International Convention for Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, 2009, reports the Economic Times.

By joining the convention, India would become the 14th country to join the International Maritime Organization (IMO) treaty.

The most recent member of the treaty is Germany, which joined in July this year.

Authorization of ship recycling facilities

Under the bill, ship recycling...


World’s First Synthetic Natural Gas Powered Containership To Get Dual-fuel Retrofit

First dual-fuel retrofit now set to be first vessel globally to use SNG derived from renewable energy in furtherance of Maritime Energy Transition, says a press release published in MAN  Energy Solutions website.

A technical showcase

MAN Energy Solutions and Wessels Marine GmbH have announced a technical showcase whereby the 2017-retrofitted ‘Wes Amelie’, a 1,036-teu feeder container ship, will use liquefied SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) produced from renewable electrical energy as drop-in fuel. 



Shipping Companies Negotiating on New CPA Clauses

The upcoming IMO 2020 sulfur emission regulation is prompting both owners and charterers to negotiate and incorporate new clauses in their charter party agreements, or CPAs, to factor in the performance of scrubbers and use of compliant bunkers, reports Platts.

How is HSFO exhausted?

At the same time, owners and charterers, who have non-scrubber ships on long-term charters, are exhausting their supply of high sulfur fuels by taking longer voyages.

A participant at a seminar organized by the...


BP Marine Issues IMO 2020 Guidelines To Be Compliant Inside ECAs

The MARPOL legislative changes being introduced on 1 January 2020 mean that ships operating outside Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will have three options to achieve compliance, either by the use of exhaust gas abatement technology (‘scrubbers’) or by burning a fuel with maximum sulphur content of 0.50%mass or by burning LNG. To meet continuing legislation inside ECAs, ships will either have to use scrubbers or burn fuel
with maximum sulphur content of 0.10%mass or use LNG. Keeping this in mind...


Euronav Acquires Suezmax Pair With Joint Venture

Euronav NV (NYSE: EURN & Euronext: EURN) (“Euronav”or the “Company”) has entered into a joint venture together with affiliates of Ridgebury Tankers and clients of Tufton Oceanic, says a press release published on their website. 

Details of the joint venture

Each 50%- 50% joint venture company has acquired one Suezmax vessel. Euronav will also provide financing for the joint ventures on commercially attractive terms. 

The joint ventures have acquired the two Suezmax tankers for a total...


Methanol As Marine Fuel To Cut Sulphur Emission

As shipping industry is set to change from 2020 as the United Nations International Maritime Organisation has resorted to strict measures to limit the amount of sulphur content in marine fuel. Methanol suppliers are looking to take advantage of the situation to take a share of the 300 million mt/year global bunker market, reports Platts.

Opportunity for methanol

Shipping companies face a significant rise in costs when the International Maritime Organization’s global 0.5% bunker sulfur cap comes...