Time to Weed Out Oldest or Dirtiest Vessels From Fleets

  • Containership demolition market prepared to weed out the oldest and dirtiest vessels from their fleets ahead of the IMO 2020 rule.
  • Currently, 10 container vessels have been scrapped so far in 2019 when compared to only one vessel in 2018.
  • Owners are scurrying for getting longer-term fixtures with the installation of exhaust gas-cleaning systems (scrubbers).

According to Loadstar, the containership demolition market is all set to rebound this year as owners weed out the oldest and dirtiest...


Fujairah to Ban Open Loop Scrubbers

According to a Reuters report the port of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates has decided to ban the use of a type of ship exhaust cleaner, becoming the latest port to impose restrictions on so-called open-loop scrubbers, a port document showed.

The Sudden Rush

In recent months, many shipping companies have opted to fit scrubbers onboard their ships, ahead of major changes in the use of marine fuel across the world.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will prohibit ships from using...


Maersk Starts Random Box Checks to Stamp Out Misdeclared Cargoes

  • Maersk to carry out random container checks in North America in a bid to check out misdeclared cargoes.
  • Inspection pilots from National Cargo Bureau will carry out inspections for import and export cargo into the ports.
  • If mismatching cargo is found compared to the given declaration, shippers could face paying a higher bill.

According to Splash247, Maersk has started to carry out random container checks in North America in a bid to weed out misdeclared cargoes.

Randon checks

This latest...


Advantage Fleet Agreement For Alfa Laval BWMS

  • Alfa Laval’s PureBallast 3 BWMS to be installed on 16 vessels belonging to ‘Advantage Tankers & Advantage Products’.
  • The company is planning to retrofit 33 systems within its existing fleet including both skid-mounted PureBallast 3 Compact and PureBallast 3 Ex systems.
  • A Turkey-based product tanker operator has announced plans to install Alfa Laval’s PureBallast 3 BWMS on its vessels.

PureBallast 3 offers reliable compliance with an excellent fit for the very large flows of large vessels.



Ceramic Membranes for Filtration of Washwater – Liqtech

  • Liqtech sales are poised to explode upward in 2019 and the years after, due to new shipping fuel regulations.
  • The company is debt-free, has a capital-light structure and is well prepared to fully develop this opportunity, which is a window to a new market for its products.
  • The company faces some challenges ahead, but those are not enough to derail it as the risk/reward makes the investment opportunity difficult to ignore.
What is Liqtech?

The Liqtech (LIQT) is all set for a radical...


How is Air Lubrication Useful in Reducing Fuel Consumption?

Post the IMO2020 Sulphur cap, techniques used for reducing fuel consumption have grown in importance in the shipping industry. But

How is hull friction reduced?

This is an innovative concept of reducing hull friction by means of air lubrication. A layer of air is generated between the specially profiled underside and water surface, so that the vessel effectively glides through the water, reducing drag by 5-15%.

Which vessels benefit the most?

Vessels which are wide-bodied, slow-moving and have a...