No Repaint Needed After 10 Years Sailing in Ice

The thing about hulls that worries shipowners is its hull coating and whether it will either out through numerous years of sailing in ice. Today, we are going to delve into this area and find out the necessary yardsticks of a good hull coating.

The Primary Concern

The number one consideration in a hull coating for ice-going vessels and icebreakers is the ability of the coating to protect the hull in the harshest marine environment there is.

The Worthy Hull Coatings

Experience has shown that...

WiO – Sensor that Monitors Dissolved Water Content in Oil

  • New Smart ‘Water in Oil’Sensor aids ship operators to limit engine corrosion risk proactively.
  • Smart WiO Sensor monitors percentage humidity by considering oil temperature
  • It  pre-alarms the crew for preventive measures once there’s 50% humidity.
  • The alarm goes off whenever there’s 90% humidity, alerting the crew of probable free water presence.

A new Water in Oil (WiO) sensor continuously monitors dissolved water content in oil, and helps to proactively avoid engine and motor corrosion,...

80% Weather and 20% Others for Voyage Optimisation

  • Modern container ships grow more susceptible to the elements of nature due to large size.
  • International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) stats hold weather accountable for 48% of total shipping losses from 2011 to 2015.
  • Vessel involved in El Faro disaster in 2015 moved into the path of Hurricane Joaquin due to outdated weather information from unreliable forecast source.
  • Vessel specific route optimizations using ML likely to solve transparency issues between shippers and charterers.


Ralph Wenninger Responsible for Sinking 98 Ships

David Barnicoat has written about the historic German U-boat which sank 98 ships in World War 1 in his latest article published in Falmouth Packet. Today we will be discussing that incident.

What happened?

German WW1 U-boat ace Kapitanleutnant Ralph Wenninger wreaked havoc off the coast of Cornwall and in the Western Approaches during his various patrols in 1916 and 1917.

He was responsible for sinking 98 ships with a total of 102,638 GRT during his war career.

Wreck Discovery

The WW1 shipwreck of...

Pirates Attack Vessel

Duty officer on board a Singapore- flagged vessel suspicious men skiff 2 men in Gulf of Aden.

What happened?

While sailing, the duty officer on board Singapore-flagged tanker noticed a suspicious mother boat with unknown number of people on board and two skiffs with two men on board each skiff at 0940 UTC in position 13:27.75N – 050:12.24E, IRTC, Gulf of Aden.

Security Alerted

Duty officer informed the master who activated security measures by activating the deck water spray, broadcasted the...

Maersk, CMA, MSC, Hapag and ONE Establish Container Shipping Association

According to media reports, a five company nexus is being formed to pave the way for digitalization, standardization and interoperability in the container shipping industry. The association will strengthen Containershipping  like never before.

What’s in the idea?

IT executives from CMA CGM, A.P. Moller – Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, MSC and Ocean Network Express are currently discussing the creation of common information technology standards which shall be openly available and free of charge for all...