Chinese iron ore is close to the end, Bimco says

Chinese iron ore is close to the end, Bimco says
BIMCO’s Chief Shipping Analyst, Peter Sand, launched the analysis ‘It’s the steel production, stupid!’, announcing the end of China iron ore cape run. The analysis focuses on the fact that Chinese imports of iron ore are continuously decreasing, whereas the nation’s crude steel production keeps growing.

Specifically, Peter Sand noted that

China’s increased use of scrap metal for its production of crude steel is fundamentally critical to the dry bulk shipping industry.

Additionally, the Chinese...

Baltic Index Dips 46% Marking Its Biggest Quarterly Slump in Three Years

  • The Baltic index, was down 0.4%, at 689 points and has fallen about 46% marking its biggest quarterly decline in three years.
  • The capesize index dropped 17 points, to 150 points, an all-time low to a record low on weak demand from top miners Brazil and Australia.
  • Average daily capesize earnings, which typically transport 170,000 tonne-180,000 tonne cargoes of iron ore and coal, fell $76 to $3,796.
  • Capesize index has lost nearly 1,600 points since the mine disaster in Brazil and shed more than...

Australia: Iron ore ports back to normal after two cyclones

Key iron ore ports remained closed due to two cyclones that hit the country over the weekend, but Pilbara Ports Authority said it has re-opened the Ports of Port Hedland and Ashburton on 26 March, following infrastructure assessment.

There was no significant infrastructure damage at any of the Ports and operations will return to normal over the next 24 hours,

…Pilbara Ports Authority said in its latest update.

Namely, the update as of Monday 26 March is as follows:

  • Port of Port Hedland re-opened...

Vale ordered to halt operations at two more dams

A Brazilian court has ordered Vale SA, the world’s largest iron ore miner, to suspend operations at two more dams. The court demanded the company to prove the structures are stable, as part of a series of such orders forcing Vale to halt operations, following an accident in the company’s facilities in January that killed about 300 people.

On 25 January, Vale’s dam collapsed releasing a huge mudslide that killed hundreds of people and forced dozens out of their homes, in the town of Brumadinho....

Freight Derivatives and Iron Ore Futures Volumes Soar

  • The macro-economic factors and the tragic events in Brazil along with uncertain US-China trade relations heightened uncertainty and created trading opportunities.
  • The total impact on the FFA market was to increase combined FFA volumes by 44% in the year to date 2019.
  • Brazil’s exports curtailed with export demand switching decisively to Australia.
  • China set to import 60% of Australian production and 70% of global seaborne trade volumes of 1.5bn tonnes in 2019.
  • Iron ore price prediction for 2019...

Σε κρίση η προσφορά iron ore της Βραζιλίας το 2019;

Σε κρίση η προσφορά iron ore της Βραζιλίας το 2019;

Οι διά θαλάσσης εμπορευματικές ροές περίπου 8 εκατ. τόνων σιδηρομεταλλεύματος από τη Βραζιλία θα τεθούν σε «κίνδυνο» το 2019 χωρίς οι απώλειες αυτές να λαμβάνουν υπόψη την πρόσφατη κατάρρευση φράγματος της Vale, σημειώνει σε πρόσφατη έκθεσή της η Wood Mackenzie.

Όπως αναφέρεται στην έκθεση, η βραζιλιάνικη κυβέρνηση εφάρμοσε μέτρα για την απαγόρευση κατασκευής φραγμάτων στα βραζιλιάνικα ορυχεία μετά το πρόσφατο δυστυχές γεγονός στο ορυχείο Brumadinho, με συνέπεια να επηρεαστεί σημαντικά η...