Tanker grounded in Elbe river

The product tanker Oriental Nadeshiko grounded on 21 January in the Elba estuary, off Cuxhaven, Germany. The ship was not damaged, while no oil leak was reported as result of the grounding. The ship was going to Tarragona, Spain, from Stade, Germany.

As Oriental Nadeshiko was moving to sea in Elba estuary east of Cuxhaven, heading to Tarragona Spain, it grounded.

After that, salvage teams attempted to make the ship lighter by removing some of its ballast water. Moreover, four tugs went on the...


Bulk carrier grounded in Delaware River, USA

The bulk carrier ‘Strategic Explorer’ ran aground on January 21 on Delaware river, which is located in Wilmington USA. The vessel is, for the time being, anchored after its unmooring.

Specifically, ‘Strategic Explorer’ is a Singapore- flagged bulk carrier, that ran aground approximately at 19.00 hours.



Generally, the vessel was anchored after its unmooring and placed in Wilmington from January 17.

According to sources, the vessel was refloated with the help...


Canada safety board cites crew fatigue in tug grounding

The tugboat Ocean Monarch hauled out for repairs after it was damaged in a July 2017 grounding. Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

A mate who fell asleep on watch was the primary cause of a July 2017 tug grounding in British Columbia, an incident that underscores the industry’s need to better manage crew fatigue, Canadian transportation safety officials reported.

In a report issued Jan. 10 the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said the 47.2’x19.4’x8’, 1,600-hp twin-screw tug Ocean Monarch with three crew members on board made bottom contact while transiting the Princess Royal Channel south of Kitimat, British Columbia,...


Livestock carrier runs aground off Turkey

The livestock carrier Wardeh, which was anchored off Mersin, Turkey, drifted aground on January 15, because of a storm. Due to the storm, the city waterfront was flooded as well.

The livestock carrier Wardeh, carrying the Lebanese flag, ran aground off the port of Mersin, Turkey. Namely, the ship dragged anchor because of heavy weather and found bottom a few meters off shore.

According to sources, the ship was anchored in the port for many months, waiting for sales negotiations.

At the time of...


Ineffective communication leads to bulk carrier grounding

Ineffective communication leads to bulk carrier grounding
The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released its investigation report about the grounding of the bulk carrier SBI Carioca near the Port of Belledune in Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick, on October 2017.

The incident

On 05 October 2017, the SBI Carioca departed Newport News, Virginia, for Belledune, New Brunswick, with 65 962 metric tonnes of petroleum coke (petcoke) in the cargo holds and 22 crew members on board.



At 0530, the master of...


AMSA secures vessel on Hawksbury Island after running aground

AMSA secures vessel on Hawksbury Island after running aground
A fishing vessel was grounded on Hawksbury Island, Australia, during the recent passing of Tropical Cyclone Penny. As it had been drifting, AMSA started an operation to secure the vessel in order to not pose a risk on shipping lanes.

During the Tropical Cyclone Penny, a fishing vessel was grounded on Hawksbury Island. The vessel was re-floated and was drifting in the area.

Then, the Maritime Safety Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park contacted AMSA to assist. The CoralKnight...


Cruise ship runs aground in Sulu Sea

On January 7, the cruise ship ‘Forever Lucky’ ran aground in Sulu sea northeast of Cagayancillo, Cagayancillo island, Palawan province, Philippines, while en route from Bataan to General Santos for repairs, according to local sources. Until January 12, the vessel was monitored by the Philippine Coast Guard for possible oil leak.

Mainly, all 17 cargo crew members were safe and were transmitted to the Puerto Princesa city on January 10 in good condition, according to local sources.

Moreover, the...