China inks 197 Belt and Road deals by Oct. 2019

By the end of October 2019, China has inked 197 Cooperation documents on Belt & Road Construction with 137 Countries and 30 International organisations, highlighting the progress of the shipping industry in terms of trade relations.

Specifically, Meng Wei, the Spokeswoman for the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), during a Press Conference in Beijing added that amongst those that have signed the deals are developing, developed countries and companies that wish to collaborate to...

EU, Singapore trade agreement comes into force

EU, Singapore trade agreement comes into force
The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (EUSFTA), was approved from the EU council several days ago and officially came into force today, November 21. From now on, Singapore frees all the EU products that enter in country from tariffs and EU from its side, removes the tariffs up to 84% for all the exports from Singapore.

With the federal taxes removal coming into effect, EU and Singapore will be both benefited as from now on they will have a greater market access for their businesses. Throughout...