Google Maps Shows Where There Are Current Cases Of Coronavirus

Google Maps Shows Where There Are Current Cases Of Coronavirus

The company created a map to indicate where there are confirmed cases of coronavirus in the world and places where there is suspicion of infection.

SPECIAL.- Wuhan’s coronavirus has so far caused 18 deaths and 571 infected.

Who made the decision not to declare an international emergency because of the epidemic in China, but Google Maps created a map to show where sick people are and places where people are suspected of being infected.

This map created by Google shows the focus where the virus...

BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse sign up to the Poseidon Principles with Chinese banks tipped to join soon

BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse have signed up to the Poseidon Principles, bringing the total number of financial institutions aligned to the green lending principles to 16. Moreover, one of the architects of the principles has suggested a host of Asian finance houses will join the initiative soon....

What Are These Rotating Circles Of Ice Also Called A Vertical Vortex Seen In Rivers Around The World (VIDEO)

An outdoor enthusiast has observed a peculiar phenomenon, which sometimes occurs on rivers in the middle of winter.

Herven Horth, who lives near Paspébiac in the Gaspé, noticed a perfect circle of ice, spinning on the Paspébiac River, a first at this place, according to him.

Mr. Horth does a lot of snowshoeing. He surveyed the area at least 70 times this winter, and more than a hundred times last winter. He has never observed this phenomenon before.

“It can’t be normal,” he said to himself...