At Least 23 Cases Of CORONAVIRUS Aboard US Aircraft Carriers

According to the media, the authorities are preparing to isolate the entire crew upon arrival in port.

At least 23 cases of the new coronavirus have been detected on the US carrier Theodore Roosevelt and authorities are preparing to isolate the entire crew upon arrival in port, media reported.

Earlier this week, three sailors were evacuated after testing positive for the coronavirus, in the first cases reported on a US missionary ship.

“More positive cases of covid-19 have been discovered,” chief...

Never Seen Before Images of Lake Michigan Completely Frozen

We know how important frosts are in the United States, so it is not surprising that Lake Michigan temperatures are below freezing at this time. These reach -46 degrees Celsius, it is for this reason that Lake Michigan has become a world that seems to be inhabited by Jack Frost himself. A frozen world is in it.

An amazing lake

Although it is constantly subjected to sub-zero temperatures, the truth is that, according to meteorologist Tom Skilling, this lake has never completely frozen. However, he...

A Canadian Stream Turns Blood Red In Creepy Pictures Taken From A Horror Movie (VIDEO)

Users on Canada’s social media claimed the video was proof that Bible prophecies were coming true, but there seems to be a more logical explanation.

Images showing a stream flowing with blood-red water have scared the internet.

The video taken from Etobicoke Creek in Ontario, Canada appears to be more of a scene from a real-life horror movie. Show the water in the stream completely red as far as the eye can see.

With the coronavirus and locust infestations causing chaos across the globe, the...

They Make A Hole In The Ice So That A Baby Seal Can Return Home (VIDEO)

The video is viral on YouTube. The little seal was lost, but luckily she found some explorers who helped her.

On social networks, especially onYouTube, a video has gone viral showing the exact moment when a group of explorers helps a baby seal that was lost and could not return home. The noble gesture that these men had was applauded by thousands of users in Mexico, Canada and the United States, among other countries.

According to ViralHog, the YouTube channel that published the clip , the...

Sailors Aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt Test Positive For Coronavirus

The military is the first to test positive during a deployment, the Navy reported Tuesday.

SAN DIEGO- Three United States Navy sailors aboard the San Diego-based USS Theodore Roosevelt tested positive for COVID-19 and will be removed from the aircraft carrier, the Navy said Tuesday.

“These are our first three cases of COVID-19 on a ship during a deployment,” said Thomas Modly, acting secretary of the Navy.

Quarantined sailors will be transferred off the ship, which is currently in the Asia-Pacific...

Why have almost a million king penguins disappeared from the ‘Island of Pigs?

The largest king penguin colony in the world on the Pigs Islands, the Crozet sub-Antarctic archipelago, has lost much of its population.

Aerial photographs of the Île aux Cochons or better known as The Island of Pigs that houses thousands and thousands of penguins have worried the world as it shows that half a million pairs of king penguins and their chicks have disappeared.

In early 2017, researcherHenri Weimerskirchwas sent to take photos of this area and was greatly surprised to discover...

MOL’s Unix Line cops $1.65m fine in the US for concealing oily water discharges

Singapore-based Unix Line, the primary shipmanagement arm of MOL Chemical Tankers, was fined $1.65m and placed on four months probation after pleading guilty last month in the US to a violation of the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. Unix Line admitted that its crewmembers onboard the 26,200...

He Was Social Distancing In The Sand By The Ocean Then They Just Had To Bother Him [VIDEO]

A viral video was published on TikTok that reveals the terrible scare that some young people took when they found a dog lying in the sand.

Nothing is what it seems. A viral video was shared through TikTokthat surprised more than one viewer, because some young people were scared to discover a dog lying in the sand and not moving. At first, they thought the animal was ‘dead’, but it only enjoyed the sunny day.

The dog has become the main protagonists of TikTokand other social networks, either for...