2020 – 2050: Tackling decarbonisation together, one step at a time, starting now

Steve Cadden from industry coalition SEA\LNG writes exclusively for Splash today. Watching the global coverage of New Delhi’s toxic air pollution reminds us why the International Maritime Organization (IMO) first introduced progressively tightening regulations to reduce sulphur oxide emissions back...


Half-Naked Woman Lays Down In The Middle Of A Flooded Highway In Bogotá Colombia (VIDEO)


Unexpectedly, she decides to get into the dirty flood water face down. With the head submerged beneath the flow, the woman lasts this way a few minutes.

I am certain that this woman has some mental heath issues. It is not normal for anyone, not even for joke, to risk their life to lay in the water in the middle of a busy highway.

A woman put her life at risk after getting half-naked in the dirty water that accumulated in a highway in Bogotá, Colombia. The objective of the protagonist, supposedly,...


A midlife crisis? Ships above 15 years may miss the cut for ballast water system installation

William Burroughs from ABS Advisory Services has a stark warning for shipowners across the world today. Analysis from classification society ABS suggests that vessels up to 15 years of age are likely to be the oldest to install a ballast water management system (BWMS), with owners of ships aged...