British Scientists Say They Have Solved the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The British channel Channel 5 has aired a documentary entitled “The Enigma of the Bermuda Triangle” with the explanations of scientists.

A team of scientists from the University of Southampton say they know what really happens in the Bermuda Triangle. It is a triangle between Miami, the Bermuda Islands and Puerto Rico. This area has awakened many theories of mystery during the last century due to the disappearance of airplanes and ships in these coordinates. The British channel Channel 5 has...

Diver Encounters Gigantic Sea Creature and Does The Unthinkable to Rescue Her [VIDEO]

The mysterious video wowed thousands, to see the courageous act of a diver to rescue a giant sea creature who was caught with a fishing line.

A diver recorded the video that shows the exact moment when a brave diver rescued a giant sea ​​creature . The huge animal was caught in a fishing line that damaged the body of the mammal, a fact that alarmed the group of athletes who entered to the bottom of the ocean.

The clip was released under the sea. Thousands were impacted by the noble gesture that...

Port of Fujairah bans the use of open-loop scrubbers

Ships alongside at Fujairah, UAE

JANUARY 23, 2019 — The Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates, has joined the growing list of localities banning the use of open-loop exhaust gas scrubbers in their waters.

In a Notice to Mariners issued yesterday, Harbor Master Captain Tamer Masoud writes:

“Please be advised that Port of Fujairah has decided to ban the use of open-loop scrubbers in its waters. Ships will have to use compliant fuel once the IMO 2020 sulphur cap comes into force.
Please advise all your principals accordingly.”


There is More Wind and Bigger Waves Due to Climate Change

Climate change is changing our wind patterns, which is strengthening the waves that travel across the surface of the earth

As climate change has gradually warmed oceans around the world, it has also been making ocean waves stronger and more deadly, according to anew studypublished in Nature Monday.

The waves of the upper ocean are driven by local wind patterns, which are driven by differences in temperature between the different layers of the air. So as we pump greenhouse gases into the...

Planning for 2020 IMO’s sulphur cap has already started

Aderco, one of the world’s leading maritime fuel treatment companies, is reminding ship owners, ship managers and operators that they should already have started planning to comply with the IMO’s 2020 global sulphur cap.

Olivier Baiwir, CEO of Aderco, believes some in the maritime industry perceive the start of the cap as being nearly a year away but they need to rethink that position and quickly to ensure they will be compliant with the new regulations..

“The IMO sulphur cap starts on January...