BMT spins-off SMART to GreenSteam following strategic review

BMT spins-off SMART to GreenSteam following strategic review

(TEDDINGTON, U.K., 20 SEPTEMBER 2019 at 0630 BST)  –  BMT, a leading international design, engineering, science and management consultancy, has sold its UK-based SMART business to GreenSteam, a majority owned company of BP. The marine efficiency software solutions provider is reputable in leveraging Machine Learning methodologies and next generation fuel saving platforms...

Are Capes about to floor-down the Dry Market…?

John Faraclas

Are Capes about to floor-down the Dry Market…?

The BDI (Baltic Dry Index) lost 74 points earlier on today and now stands at 2,129 points – for a second day below the “famous threshold” as of the end of Dec 2013 when it stood at 2,247 points. Geopolitics in uncharted waters. John Faraclas’ brief daily recap:

The Capes’ BCI fall was back to the wild three-digit days; it clocked 258 points and now reads 4,136 points. Will same go under the 4,000 points threshold? We shall see…


Global BlueTech Summit

Global BlueTech Summit

SeaAhead’s inaugural Global Bluetech Summit

Next Generation Bluetech

aAhead’s inaugural Global Bluetech Summit will bring together hundreds of high-level stakeholders from across the marine and maritime ecosystem on October 9th and 10th in New York City for the can’t-miss bluetech event of 2019. Taking place in the iconic Williamsburg Bank Building in Brooklyn, the conference will shine a spotlight on the cutting-edge innovation in this dynamic, emerging industry.


YouTube: Anaconda Died Crossing Fierce Crocodile’s River [VIDEO]

The video soon became viral on YouTube as it shows the heartbreaking fight between a giant anaconda and an insatiable crocodile over the dominance of a territory.

YouTube users were shocked to witness an epic battle. A quiet boat ride by a tourist in a mighty river became a traumatic episode in his life, as he managed to record in a video, viralized hours later on YouTube, the fight to the death between a giant 5-meter anaconda and a hungry crocodile, who could not stand the invasion of his...

Shocking Images of Dolphins Huddling Together Before They Are Brutally Murdered in Japan. [Video]

This is the most brutal hunting episode that has been seen in recent years, there were more than 12 boats looking for herds of dolphins.

The massive dolphin hunt in the Taiji region opened this month in Japan.

As we tell you in this article, several organizations document during the month of September the brutality with which these dolphins are hunted.

During the chase, the Dolphin Project witnessed a mother dolphin huddle together with her calves to avoid being hunted.

The mother rubbed herself...

IMCA promotes hybrid batey power systems on DP Ships

Captain Andy Goldsmith


The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is promoting ways of reducing carbon emissions in the marine environment as part of its strategic theme of environmental sustainability. The contribution of battery technologies in reducing carbon emissions is now having a positive effect in the offshore marine construction market. A number of IMCA’s member companies have taken the lead by incorporating hybrid...

NYK becomes first Japanese shipping line to complete a carbon-neutral voyage

NYK has become the first Japanese shipping company to complete a carbon-neutral voyage by offsetting 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), equivalent to the CO2 emitted by NYK’s environmental flagship car carrier during one voyage between Japan and the Middle East. Aries Leader is equipped with the...

Shipping associations demand all IMO member states remain resolute as sulphur cap approaches

Amid reports of a number of Asian countries mulling delaying the implementation of the global sulhur cap, due to come into force in just 104 days, a host of leading shipping associations have called for a total, global enforcement of the ruling. The World Shipping Council (WSC), BIMCO, the Cruise...

Google Maps Generates Controversy After Capturing A Nude Couple On The Beach And Not Censoring Their Private Photos

Google Maps Generates Controversy After Capturing A Nude Couple On The Beach And Not Censoring Their Private Photos

Google Maps is once again in the ‘eye of the storm’ after it was revealed that it caught a naked couple on a beach and ‘forgot’ to censor their private photographs.

A series of photographs shared on Facebook have become viral since they revealed to us the unusual find that was made with the help ofGoogle Maps. As it was revealed in social networks, a couple of nudists was captured in a paradise beach located in Spain; However, what angered thousands of users the most is that these private...