As Operating Cost Increases, Car Fuel Will Become Expensive

From next January, tens of thousands of ships will have to switch to new, less polluting fuels, a revolution that may increase the cost of shipping but also prices at the pump for motorists, reports New Mobility News.

Backdrop of this

To limit the highly toxic sulfur dioxide emissions produced by the vast fleet of nearly 80.000 ships that travel the seas, IMO (International Maritime Organization) decided in 2016 that the sulfur content of marine fuel oil should be reduced from 3,5% to 0,5% as of...

Kuwait updates ISPS Code to level 2

The Ministry of Communications in the state of Kuwait’s issued a Ministry Resolution increasing the ISPS level for all poets  within Kuwait to ISPS L2. Although many incidents had been occurred before, the 9/11 attack in United States triggered the development of ISPS Code.

Following a review, Kuwait resulted to:

Security level at all Kuwait ports is raised from Level 1 to Level 2 (ISPS code)

In order to get to the conclusions above, the Minister of State for Services Affairs reviewed the...

Australia commissions Inspector-General of live animal exports

The Australian parliament has passed a bill commissioning an Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports. In fact, the 2018 Moss Review endorsed the foundation of an independent Inspector-General in order to inform with the Department of Agriculture’s regulation of live animal export.

This comes after footage from employed livestock carriers departing Australia emerged, causing public protest over the activity. The footage which was aired in April 2018 on 60 Minutes demonstrated sheep going...