Argentinean submarine located one year after it vanished with 44 crew

The seabed exploration company Ocean Infinity announced that it has located the missing Argentine Navy submarine ‘ARA San Juan’, exactly one year after it disappeared in the Atlantic ocean, along with its 44 crew.

The submarine’s last known position was received on 15 November 2017 off Argentina’s coast, while on its journey from Ushuaia in the country’s south to Mar del Plata. The Argentine navy said in the following days that an explosion was detected near the area that the submarine went...

Canadian Coast Guard ship partially submerged in a suspected-vandalism incident

Canadian police is investigating a suspected vandalism involving the Canadian Coast Guard ship ‘CCGS Corporal McLaren’, which is at the moment partially submerged in the water, after falling from its secured cradle at a shipyard in Sambro Head, N.S. The vessel was there for repairs.

The Canadian Coast Guard announced Saturday via social media that the vessel had released from its secured cradle at the Canadian marine engineering Ltd shipyard in Sambro, NovaScotia, where it was beginning a...

Watch: Ships in sea during storms

This video provides a compilation of ships struggling with big waves during storms. Ships in storms can be a scary but spectacular sight. However, a ship’s master should always be aware of the weather forecast when moves in dangerous areas and be ready to appropriately handle the vessel.

Heavy weather combined with inappropriate manipulations may lead to damage of a vessel, threatening the cargo, the environment or, even worst, human life. Most common weather threats that can harm the...

Two ships collide off Borkum, Germany

Two cargo ships collided with each other in the North Sea, on November 15. The incident took place off the island of Borkum, Germany and no injuries were reported.

Namely, the general cargo ship Paksoy 1, carrying the Turkish flag, collided with the Dutch ship ‘EEMS Cobalt’, on November 15, 25 kilometers off Borkum, Germany.

According to the German maritime authorities, all 21 crew on board the vessels are safe and no injuries have been reported.

In addition, based on information by the...

EMSA: Overview of maritime casualties in 2017

EMSA: Overview of maritime casualties in 2017
EMSA released its annual review of maritime casualties reporting a total of 3,301 occurrences through 2017. The report reveals that the number of very serious casualties has continuously decreased since 2014 with 74 reported in 2017. A total of 61 people were injured and 61 ships were lost. During the 2011-2017 period, 405 accidents led to a total of 683 lives lost, which represents a significant decrease since 2015.

The report contains statistics on marine casualties and incidents that:...

Cargoships separated after clash off Germany

Dutch and Turkish vessels crashed off Borkum.