Nir Gartzman, Co-Founder, theDOCK innovation hub

Invited by the Opening Oceans Conference, a new initiative by NOR-Shipping to help realize the potential of the ocean space, I met Nir Gartzman, from theDOCK innovation hub, who was invited to participate in the Nordic ThinkTank session.

Nir has an interesting background, he is a Chief Engineer and an Israeli navy officer who has spent the last 10 years in the high-tech & the clean-tech sector in Israel when his passion for the maritime industry made him focus on the digital arena and co-found...

Document: National Cyber Strategy

The following is the National Cyber Strategy that was released by the White House on Sept. 20, 2018.

From the report

America’s prosperity and security depend on how we respond to the opportunities and challenges in cyberspace. Critical infrastructure, national defense, and the daily lives of Americans rely on computer-driven and interconnected information technologies. As all facets of American life have become more dependent on a secure cyberspace, new vulnerabilities have been revealed and...