Sandy Hook Pilot Dies in Boarding Accident

Early Monday morning, a marine pilot with the Sandy Hook Pilots Association lost his life while making a transfer from his pilot boat to an inbound merchant ship. 

On Monday at about 0430 hours, Sandy Hook pilot Captain Dennis R. Sherwood was involved in an incident while boarding the container ship Maersk Kensington, which was inbound to the Port of New York & New Jersey. He was injured after falling from an accommodation ladder and was evacuated to a medical facility on Staten Island. He...

U.S. 2nd Fleet Reactivated to Counter Russian Navy

 Seven months after reaching initial operational capability, the newly-reactivated U.S. 2nd Fleet achieved full operational capability on December 31.

Since its reestablishment in August 2018, 2nd Fleet commander Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis has led the resurgence of the Navy’s newest numbered fleet, which is tasked with managing the return to great power competition in the Atlantic theater. Over the last few years, Russian patrols in the North Atlantic have increased to levels last seen during the...

Top Stories 2019: U.S. Navy Operations

Top Stories 2019: U.S. Navy Operations

A sailor walks across the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) on July 26, 2019. US Navy Photo

This post is part of a series of review stories looking back at the top naval news from 2019.

While China and Russia are the long-term focus of the National Defense Strategy, the Navy’s 2019 operations were still heavily centered on countering threats in the Middle East.

In June, the Navy had more personnel deployed to the Middle East than anywhere else. The Boxer...

Video: New MSC Cruise Ship Strikes Dock in Palermo

On Monday morning, the brand new cruise ship MSC Grandiosa allided with a pier during docking at Palermo, Sicily. The port quarter sustained light damage above the waterline, according to MSC, and it was repaired the same day. 

A video from the scene shows the MSC Grandiosa backing down and swinging her stern to starboard. She approached a projecting pier edge and nearly cleared it, but her stern swung too slowly and she clipped the corner of the dock, damaging the concrete.

After the allision,...

In Norway, Less State Support for Oil Could Boost Offshore Wind

In Norway, Less State Support for Oil Could Boost Offshore Wind

[By Idun Haugan]

Offshore wind energy is seeing renewed wind in its sails as a major industrial opportunity for Norway. But researchers warn that economic and political players could hinder this development if they get locked into the existing industrial structures. 

Norway needs a clearer policy

Asbjørn Karlsen is a professor at NTNU’s Institute of Geography, and Markus Steen is a senior researcher at SINTEF Digital. They co-authored the report "Conditions for growth in the Norwegian offshore...

Pirates Kidnap Eight from Greek Product Tanker off Cameroon

Armed pirates have abducted eight mariners and injured another in an attack on a tanker off Cameroon, according to Greece's shipping ministry. 

On Monday night, armed attackers came on board the product tanker Happy Lady at an anchorage about two nm off the Limboh Terminal in Cameroon. The pirates abducted one Ukrainian, two Philippine nationals and five Greek nationals out of the 28-member crew. One additional Greek seafarer was injured. 

The attack brings the tally of kidnapped mariners in the...