IMF’s raison d’être in jeopardy, The journey to central bank digital currencies

IMF’s raison d’être in jeopardy, The journey to central bank digital currencies

Tuesday 15 October 2019 –  Vol.10 Ed.42.2

Commentary: IMF’s raison d’être in jeopardy

By Mark Sobel in Washington

The International Monetary Fund’s resource base faces peril. The Trump administration will not support a Fund quota increase, largely because it does not want to see a strengthening in China’s woefully underweight position. The Fund has been working intensively behind the scenes with China and others, but it...

Rotterdam container placed on ‘Noah’s Train’

Rotterdam container placed on ‘Noah’s Train’

On Friday 11 October, the Rotterdam container was placed on ‘Noah’s train’ under the great interest of all participating European rail operators. This took place at the APMT terminal on Rotterdam Maasvlakte. The colourful train with 19 painted wagons arrived yesterday at the container terminal following a tour of Katowice, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Leipzig, Munich, Luxembourg, Riga and Madrid.

The tour, which started on 4 December 2018, is a Rail Freight Forward (RFF) initiative, a...

BIMCO submits proposal to IMO on regulated propulsion power

Independent shipowners’ association BIMCO has submitted a proposal to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to regulate propulsion power of ships in order to sustain the GHG savings already achieved through slower steaming. BIMCO said that, while it remained a fact that ships’ speed was the...

October: Cyber Security Awareness month

In light of October being the ‘cyber security awareness month’, the shipping industry is experiencing various developments in all of its sectors as automation and digitalization play a crucial role in today’s marine industry and in vessels’ operation. Yet, cyber attacks are becoming more concerning and for this reason the industry must invest more in improving its cyber resilience and security.

This October, many are the shipping majors that highlight the urgency of the industry getting a...