Maritime History Notes: The world’s largest schooner

Maritime History Notes: The world’s largest schooner

   The Thomas W. Lawson was an extraordinary ship. It was the world’s largest pure sailing ship, the only seven-master ever built, and garnered notoriety by creating the world’s first major oil spill.
   In 1901, a group of Boston investors decided to build the world’s largest sailing ship and rig it as a schooner, without even having an auxiliary engine. The ship was to be based in San Francisco and employed in the Pacific. However, during its construction, the economics of the U.S. East Coast...

ABBturbochargers support optimal performance and fuel efficiency for one of the world’s largest con

The 21,000+ TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) COSCO Shipping Universe has broken the record for China’s largest container ship and is equipped with ABBturbochargers to assure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Thomas Öström, Founder, Board Member and CEO of Climeon AB

Thomas Öström is the passionate person who wanted to find the solution to the climate change. He is challenged by the use of fossil fuel and had an idea on how to use the energy in waste heat from industries and low-temperature geothermal heat to generate electricity. The company Climeon started in 2011 and has entered the maritime industry by turning heat into clean electricity, unaffected by weather conditions.

Thomas says that the restrictions the maritime industry put on their product were...