Stelios Magkanaris, Marine Claims Adjuster, Team Piraeus, The Swedish Club

Meet Stelios Magkanaris, a Fellow of the Association of Average Adjusters, who is a Marine Claims Adjuster of the Piraeus Team of The Swedish Club, which is a marine insurance company.

Stelios shares his experiences from having worked with marine casualties for a very long time, after having been brought up in a shipping family. It’s easy to sense his passion for the maritime industry and the marine insurance profession, where he is a stalwart member of the team.

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East Siberian Sea Most Dangerous for Arctic Shipping

The risk for ship accidents varies across different Arctic seas. The East Siberian Sea has been found to be most the dangerous.

The East Siberian Sea has been found to have the highest risk for ship collision, sinking of ships (foundering), and ships running aground, mostly because of more severe ice conditions, such as the earlier and quicker build-up of ice at the end of summer.

Winters are very cold in that area, with the mean temperature at -30 degrees C and the entire sea covered with ice....