Fast ferries: Why Boom Times Are Here To Stay?

  • The passenger ship industry is facing a surge in newbuilds after suffering a setback in recent years.
  • It is further strengthened and cushioned against the effects of the 2020 low sulphur cap due to smaller engines.
  • In order to survive further, the industry has to embrace newer technology and switch to an alternate source of power such as LNG and hydrogen.

According to this article, the fast ferry industry has enjoyed a strong comeback – and experts believe that they will now see a sustained...

ONE sets record for box ship carrying heaviest single load of 19,100 TEU

OCEAN Network Express (ONE) has smashed the previous world record for the greatest amount of containers ever transported by a single containership, after carrying 19,100 TEU on board the 20,146 TEU MOL Tribute, thanks to the use of Navis' StowMan vessel planning software to optimise storage of the...